What We’re About

This page is under (re)construction.  Ezekiel’s Guild is in the process of re-working its structure and self-understanding while we transition to non-profit status. Visit us again soon to find out more.

Through creative partnerships with communities, individuals, and organizations, Ezekiel’s Guild is working to foster social justice and ecological healing through

  • Ecoliteracy Training
  • Community Garden Installations
  • Land Restoration
  • Permaculture Design & Education

Convinced that the health of the people is inextricably bound to the health of their place, Ezekiel’s Guild is committed to helping nurture locally-imagined, locally-led approaches to transformation and healing in neighborhoods and communities suffering from injustice and ecological pain.

Through hands-on workshops, field education, and relevant training curriculums, we collaborate with folks working in a variety of contexts to bring healing to degraded land, build capacity for community food production, and increase biodiversity and ecosystem resilience in a world plagued by imperialism, rampant industrialism, social stratification, and climate chaos.

Ecoliteracy Training : Community Garden Installations : Rainwater Catchment : Food Sovereignty : De-paving  : Anti-Racist Education : Soil Regeneration : Ecojustice Organizing and Direct Action : Watershed Restoration : Habitat Restoration : Prison Gardens : Permaculture : Compost : Solidarity Economics : Bioregionalism : Herbal Medicine

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